Feeling Emotional?

At some point in life, everyone is feeling sad. You should know that sadness is a completely normal emotion, and instead of pushing it away, you need to learn how to process it. What does that exactly mean, and is it easy as it sounds? Well, letting the emotion flow through your body is difficult, because our bodies have a way of pushing away negative feelings.

Sad Status

Sometimes, when you are feeling sad, you also want to share a sad status just so you can feel some kind of relief. And this is completely okay. Oftentimes we also have the need to watch sad movies, listen to sad music, and all kinds of similar things that make us even sadder? But why do we do that when it looks like it does not feel good? Well, that is because we are doing exactly what we wrote in the first part of the article. We are processing emotions by listening to sad music and reading sad poems. We want to identify with someone who feels the same way as we do, and that is why we do these things.

When you are feeling low make sure to surround yourself with good friends, family, and simply listen to what your body tells you. Anything that makes you anxious, you should avoid, at least for some period of time. Your body is able to heal much sooner than you think, but only if you allow it to get to that healing point. Be kind to yourself.