We Offer Services For Concrete Floors

If you decide to put concrete floors, we can perfect them and make them look polished by the end of the day. Concrete grinding Auckland is done by our experts. We provide finishing services such as mechanical polishing of concrete, grinding, and sealing. We also offer systems for repairing uneven substrates, eroded concrete that is needed, and finally repairing incorrectly poured concrete.

Concrete Grinding Auckland

If you want to remove vinyl or tiles, you need to let us know so you can come and see how we can do the job. You can contact our people to give you some idea of ​​how much our services cost. You can grind concrete when you want to have a large, beautiful pool in front of the house, and so you can enjoy it, to give it a modern look. Polishing involves sanding the concrete floor because we use special equipment to ultimately give a matte or glossy color. Removing vinyl or ceramic tiles means we will remove each tile, glue, to prepare the ground for laying a new concrete floor. For each job, you need an experienced team that has mastered the technique and has the necessary equipment for this job. In order to level the floor, you need a sander used for concrete to remove the leveling of the concrete.

Concrete grinding auckland must be planned and the ground prepared. You can maintain it in the end just by cleaning and polishing. You can get all this with just one call and we will be happy to listen to your needs.