Jockey Wheels Facilitate the Coupling and Uncoupling of Trailers from Towing Vehicles

When you need to lift or lower a trailer so that its coupling head can be connected to the towing device, the use of jockey wheels makes the task that much simpler. These wheels are simple mechanical devices that help you to steady the front of the trailer so that you can easily manoeuvre it onto the device used for connecting to the vehicle being used for towing, or also when you need to decouple it, after use.

Jockey Wheels

These wheels must be of a design that allows them to take the maximum nose weight of the trailer that is to be towed. Nose weights are indicated by trailer manufacturers and these should be taken int account when you decide to buy jockey wheels to ease your burden of coupling and uncoupling the trailer. They are available with handles that can help in the lowering and lifting of the trailer, so that it can be easily connected to the towing vehicle.

It is important that once the trailer has been connected to the towing vehicle, that the jockey wheels be raised and are not in a let down position when the trailer is moving. This let down position can result in the wheel having to run at speeds that it is not designed for, and invariably lead to the tyres of the wheels getting damaged.

The operation of the wheel is facilitated by the full roller bearings that are over the spindle and this allows movements to be smooth when any action is being taken for coupling and uncoupling the trailer. It can always help if at periodic intervals all the moving parts of the wheels are cleaned and lubricated. An excess of lubrication must be avoided as this can lead to coatings of oil and grease that can attract dirt when the trailer is in motion over dusty roads. Once your trailer is secured, you can go anywhere you want!